Cleval Japan's Destination

Cleval Japan's aim is to transmit on a global scale the high quality information of true essence of what Japan have to offer. We target both people who already have interest with Japan who can easily obtain new information and also aim to win the interest of people who never had the interest.
We have the following 3 goals set up.

1. "Japan's Total Information Site"

We want to simply offer the best of what Japan has to offer to the world. The country Japan have many proud locations from cultural, historical and modern taste.

As a portal site, we want to organize such grand information for easy access and allow the site to be a connecting bridge between two parties who may had no connections before.


2. "Local to Global"

Many people may know Japan as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and many other famous cities. But the true essence of Japan lies in the local small cities, towns and villages. They maintain a traditional high quality artifacts, traditional dishes that is simply be a waste to be unnoticed.

We want to attract the borderless world today of such great things these unknown places have got to offer. Now it is LOCAL to GLOBAL Days.


3. "Enjoying Japan"

There are many guide books for global travel. But always the information are limited, even on the internet, the information may not be organized and easy to find.

We at Cleval Japan will allow such vast information to be easily obtainable to allow anyone to easily navigate through our information site.

Our site was created with one goal, to help assist visitors by creating a new experience of enjoying Japan and leaving with a satisfied mind.

And even after the trip to Japan, visitors can still enjoy the experience by shopping items in Japan throughout our web site services.